Automotive Part
2fprototypes have been providing CNC machining for more than 8 years. Parts of the world's top car brands are among our customers. We can achieve varying complex parts such as brake components, transmission covers, pumps, or other engine parts, etc.
Medical Device
The challenge of COVID-19 shows the shorage and how urgent for the medical device. Our speed service provides the part/assembly from prototype testing and final production. The whole steady process allows the device to compress the time to the market.
Electronic Device
Electronics device requires a consistent and reliable work with millions of tiny parts, which decide CNC machining process to guarantee its precision and complex shape. We are ready to offer rapid prototyping, and OEM manufacturing to it.
Industrial Equipment
Complete manufacturing of materials and technology options to meet the demand. Whether customized parts for special equipment, or other OEM needs, we have the solution.
Household Product
Household products always deliver creativity and new function in the limited market. Timing is the key. With multiple household projects cooperation, our experienced engineers work closely with our clients to achieve each innovative design.
More industries we serve for rapid prototyping, OEM manufacturing.