Receiving 2D/3D
Drawings and Technical
Analysis and Cost
Providing Engineering
Resolutions and Quotation
Acknowledge and Contract
DFM Confirmed
before Manufacturing
Prototype Making
after Advance Payment
Cargo Delivery
after Balance Payment
After Sales Service
Provided during Warranty
Plastic Injection
3D printing
Vaccum Casting
CNC Metal Prototype-1
CNC Metal Prototype-2
CNC Metal Prototype - 3
CNC Metal Prototype - 4
CNC Metal Prototype-5
CNC Metal Prototype-6
CNC Metal Prototype - 7
CNC Metal Prototype - 8
CNC Metal Prototype-9
CNC Metal Prototype-10
CNC Metal Prototype - 11
CNC Metal Prototype - 12
CNC Metal Prototype - 13
CNC Metal Prototype - 14
CNC Metal Prototype-15
CNC Metal Prototype-16
CNC Metal Prototype - 17
CNC Metal Prototype - 18
CNC Metal Prototype - 19
CNC Metal Prototype - 20
CNC Metal Prototype-21
CNC Metal Prototype - 22
CNC Metal Prototype - 23
CNC Metal Prototype-24
CNC Metal Prototype - 25
CNC Metal Prototype - 26
Metal Prototype Picture-27
CNC Metal Prototype - 28
CNC Metal Prototype - 29
CNC Metal Prototype - 30
CNC Metal Prototype - 31
CNC Metal Prototype - 32
CNC Metal Prototype - 33
CNC Metal Prototype-34
CNC Metal Prototype-35
CNC Metal Prototype-36
CNC Metal Prototype - 37
CNC Metal Prototype-38
CNC Metal Prototype-39
CNC Metal Prototype-40
CNC Metal Prototype - 41
CNC Metal Prototype -42
CNC Metal Prototype - 43
CNC Metal Prototype - 44
CNC Metal Prototype-45
CNC Metal Prototype-46
CNC Metal Prototype-47
CNC Metal Prototype - 48
Plastic Prototype Picture-1
Plastic Prototype Picture–2
Plastic Injection Prototype-3
Plastic Prototype Picture–4
Plastic Prototype Picture–5
Plastic Prototype Picture–6
Plastic Injection Prototype–7
Plastic Prototype Picture–8
Plastic Prototype Picture-9
Plastic Injection Prototype-10
Plastic Injection Prototype-11
Plastic Prototype Picture-12
Plastic Injection Prototype-13
Plastic Injection Prototype-14
Plastic Injection Prototype-15
Plastic Prototype Picture–16
Plastic Injection Prototype-17
Plastic Prototype Picture–18
Plastic Prototype Picture-19
Plastic Prototype Picture - 20
Plastic Injection Prototype–21
Plastic Injection Prototype-22
Plastic Prototype Picture-23
Plastic Injection Prototype–24
Plastic Injection Prototype–25
Plastic Injection Prototype–26
Plastic Injection Prototype–27
Plastic Injection Prototype–28
Plastic Injection Prototype–29
Plastic Injection Prototype–30
Plastic Injection Prototype–31
Plastic Injection Prototype–32
3D Printing Prototype-1
3D Printing Prototype-2
3D Printing Prototype-3
3D Printing Prototype-4
3D Printing Prototype-5
3D Printing Prototype-6
3D Printing Prototype-7
3D Printing Prototype-8
3D Printing Prototype-9
3D Printing Prototype-10
3D Printing Prototype-11
3D Printing Prototype-12
3D Printing Prototype-13
3D Printing Prototype-14
3D Printing Prototype-15
3D Printing Prototype-16
3D Printing Prototype-17
3D Printing Prototype-18
3D Printing Prototype-19
3D Printing Prototype-20
3D Printing Prototype-21
3D Printing Prototype-22
3D Printing Prototype-23
3D Printing Prototype-24
Vacuum Casting Prototype