Flourish Forever Technology Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2008, we are an experienced manufacturer for custom rapid prototyping, mold, and OEM engineering&manufacturing in Shenzhen, China. With over 12 years of experiences, we have 1 sales center and 3 factories to provide wide range of services:
  • 3/4/5 axis CNC machining
  • Injection molding
  • Vacuum casting
  • SLA/SLS 3D printing
  • Stamping die
  • Pressure die casting
  • MIM(metal injection molding)
  • Vacuum forming
  • Plastic&metal extrusion
  • Laser cutting
  • Finishing services
  • Others
The services have been served widely in the market of automotive part, medical appliance, electronic device, industrial equipment, household product, etc. 

What You Can Expect from Us

As a manufacturer with over 12 years, we have produced tens of thousands of custom parts. We are well acquainted with every aspect of processing and production. Once you send the 2D/3D files to us, our service team will have an engineering analysis and assessment to provide you with a suitable solution. We will work as an extension of your team
One-stop service-2fprototypes advanced equipment-2fprototypes Quality part-2fprototypes cost-effective solution-2fprototypes Trusted supplier-2fprototypes

One-stop service
from start to finish

Advanced equipment
x self-owned factory

Superior quality part
with tight tolerance

Cost-effective solution
based in China

Trusted supplier cooperation
by Tesla, Koenigsegg, Harman, etc.


We Know What You Concern

We value your every creative ideas and designs, so that we offer optional NDA to ensure your files. At present, we have obtained ISO9001 and IATF certification. We are committed to delivering you quality custom parts.   
Now click Contact Us and send the files, we will reply to you within 1 working days.

CNC Workshop
Injection Molding Workshop
Inspection Room
CNC Workshop
Mold Inspection
Injection Molding Machine
CNC Machine
EDM and Laser Cutting Machine
Grinding Machine
3D Printing Equipment
Vacuum Casting Machine
Height Gauge
Male Gauge
Strict Inspection
Tolerance Control
Mold Room-1
Inventory Warehouse
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