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All products design needs the Prototype to demonstrate the technological feasibility. All products making needs the manufacturing services provided by the OEM supplier.

If you have such demands above and you discover 2Fprototype, congratulations, you find a right company to do the right thing. We create what you need !

Flourish Forever Technology Co.,Ltd simply called 2Fprototype is a professional supplier of Rapid Prototyping & Mould & OEM Engineering and Manufacturing for over 12 years since the foundation in 2008. At present we have 3 factories and 1 sales center in Shenzhen China.
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CNC Metal Prototype-2
CNC Metal Prototype - 3
CNC Metal Prototype - 7
CNC Metal Prototype - 17
CNC Metal Prototype - 26
Metal Prototype Picture-27
CNC Metal Prototype - 37
CNC Metal Prototype-47
Plastic Prototype Picture-1
Plastic Prototype Picture–4
CNC Metal Prototype - 8
Plastic Prototype Picture-9
Plastic Injection Prototype-22
Plastic Injection Prototype–25
Plastic Injection Prototype–26
CNC Metal Prototype-38
Plastic Prototype Picture–2
Plastic Prototype Picture–6
3D Printing Prototype-6
Plastic Injection Prototype–27
Plastic Injection Prototype–28
Plastic Injection Prototype–29
Plastic Injection Prototype–30
Plastic Injection Prototype–31
CNC Metal Prototype - 4
CNC Metal Prototype-5
CNC Metal Prototype-6
Plastic Injection Prototype–7
Plastic Injection Prototype–32
CNC Metal Prototype - 33
CNC Metal Prototype-39
CNC Metal Prototype - 44
3D Printing Prototype-1
3D Printing Prototype-2
3D Printing Prototype-3
3D Printing Prototype-4
Plastic Prototype Picture–5
3D Printing Prototype-5
3D Printing Prototype-7
3D Printing Prototype-9
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